Introducing: Me
A Self-taught Curious Nerd

I’m Louis Anthony Duran, a photographer and full-time designer/developer. I started my curiosities on design and code in my early highschool years where I thought developing Java Games and creating custom Nokia themes was the genius of my generation.

This had me treading down a career path in Information Technology. I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Development. I had my internship on the country’s leading Web Design firm led by the man himself, the celebrated Christian San Jose.

Later on on my career, I pursued photography and I can’t be anymore proud to be part of the team behind the country’s leading Wedding Videography & Photography company, Mayad Studios. I found myself fond of stories and seeing all these moments everyday on the field has given balance to the time I spent in front of the computer, coding. Both activities, I am very passionate about.

That being said, all these skillsets are not fragmented apart. And in all of my projects, I love incorporating all these on top of my fondness of a good story.

It’s always nice to have you around! Stay safe!


Fond regards,